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SOAG activities and COVID-19: our policy and practice

SOAG has a number of outdoor activities being planned for the near future (see elsewhere in this edition). Mindful of the present COVID-19 crisis it important that we protect our participating members and any members of the public we may interact with, and also obey the law. Accordingly, SOAG’s COVID-19 policy, as agreed and documented at the SOAG committee meeting of 14th July 2020, is as follows:

All SOAG activities will comply with the relevant government regulations, specifically Guidance on searching for archaeological finds in England during COVID-19."

The current version of this regulation can be found at:

SOAG activity leaders have responsibility for implementing these guidelines, which will include fully briefing all activity participants on their responsibilities.

This policy will be prominently advertised on the SOAG website.

We are not currently planning any indoor activities, but when eventually we do we shall follow the government guidelines current at the time.