SOAG Bulletin archive

This section provides past editions of SOAG Bulletin, in PDF format, from the founding of SOAG in 1969.

Search the archive

There are two ways of searching the archive.

1. Use the following to search for text across the whole set of SOAG Bulletins. (Note that search results may include some advertisements at the head of the list)

2. it is possible to download the whole archive. From there use the more advanced Adobe Acrobat Reader Edit/Advance Search text searching facility. Click here for this download and further guidance.

Print vs online differences

Note that the online editions are published after the print editions and may have corrected any content errors in the print editions. The online editions are therefore the authoritative versions.

Individual editions

2020 - latest

2010 - 2019

2000 - 2009

1990 - 1999

1980 - 1989

1969 - 1979