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Our founder's notebooks 1969-2008

SOAG's founder, Cynthia Graham Kerr (CGK), kept meticulous logbooks in which she recorded in diary form all SOAG's activities from the society's foundation until three eyasr before her death.

(These documents are available only to SOAG members using the member login details. This can be found at the head of any recent edition of SOAG Messenger)

There are five logbooks. They are available here as (a) individual documents and (b) as a single merged document. The latter is useful if one wants to search the whole set for a specific topic.

To access and search the logbooks it is advisable to download them from the links below and if you wish to search them for specific terms use the Adobe Acrobat Edit/Advance Search feature.

Merged document

CGK Logbooks Vols 1-(!969-2008) (PDF 7.7MB)

Individual volumes:

CGK Logbook Vol 1 (1969 - 1976) (PDF 1.1MB)
CGK Logbook Vol 2 (1977 - 1986) (PDF 1.0MB)
CGK Logbook Vol 3 (1986 - 1993) (PDF 1.2MB)
CGK Logbook Vol 4 (1993 - 2002)
(PDF 2.3MB)
CGK Logbook Vol 5 (2002 - 2008) (PDF 1.0MB)


Thanks are due to SOAG member Alan Hall for transcribing the handwritten logbooks into digital form.