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SOAG Bulletin archive

This section provides past issues of SOAG Bulletin. For each edition the index is displayed followed by a link to download a PDF version of the complete document.

Index to all SOAG Bulletins

An index to all SOAG Bulletin articles is available in an Excel spreadsheet. This is searchable by Issue No, Date, Title, Author, Site Topic and Period. Click here to open in a separate window.

NB: at present this index covers SOAG Bulletins Issues 1 to 62. It will be updated to  cover later issues shortly.

Under development

Earlier editions

SOAG is running a pilot project to digitise the earlier editions of SOAG Bulletin which exist mainly as typewritten documents. The following is an example of how they will appear. Note that as with the later editions the contents are text-searchable.

Issue 35 - 1979

Also under development is the means of searching the entire library by a search engine such as Google.

Cynthia Graham Kerr's log books

A further project in review is the electronic capture of the log books of our founder Cynthia Graham Kerr. These are handwritten and can only be made available in image form i.e. their contents will not be searchable. the following is an example of how this might appear.

Cyn's notebook for 1979 (part) - 27 pages (4 MB)