MTAP: The Middle Thames Archaeology Partnership

In 2023 SOAG joined MTAP. This page outlines what MTAP is and provides links to current MTAP activities that are of interest to SOAG and its members.

What is MTAP?

Established in 2018, the Middle Thames Archaeology Partnership seeks to enhance, protect and harness the archaeological heritage of the Middle Thames region through partnerships and collaborative research between the University of Reading and governmental, commercial and third sector organisations.

The reference website for MTAP is:

The Partnership’s core geographic focus is the prominent loop of the River Thames embracing the modern town of Maidenhead, nested within a wider canvas of riverine parishes extending from Goring Gap in the west to the river’s upper tidal reaches in the east. This micro-region offers a powerful lens for exploring how the River Thames has shaped human narratives and cultural trajectories in the past.  But that potential remains largely untapped because it has not benefitted from the same level archaeological research and synthesis as adjacent stretches of the river.

The key aims of the project are threefold:

Current activities of interest for SOAG (2023)

Through SOAG's membership of MTAP, SOAG members have priorty access to the following digs in 2023

Cookham excavations

This multi-year Reading University led project, has several sOAG volunteers participating. The 2023 seaon begins in late July.

Thames Riverine deposition project

This project is the subject of a PhD being undertaken by Miles Clifford at Reading University, beginning in 2023. It provides opportunites for volunteers to assist, mainly with desk-based research. Here are three documents to explain the opportunity and how to be involved;

More about the project

Joining instructions