August 2007

August has seen more hard work particularly in the corridor and north wall area of the villa.A significant find has been made in the corridor, consisting of a levelsurface with large fragments of tile embedded in it. Some of the tiles appear to be fragments of tegulae (roof tiles) and some from hypocaust flue tiles. The surface of the tiles appear to be worn in places suggesting that they could have formed the floor of the corridor.

Tiles in the corridor

Corridor tiles

Further work on the north wall to ditch section has finally revealed the north wall. This is one of the few complete sections we have so far of the wall. The area between the wall and the gravel path also produced a varied selection of finds including many sherds of pottery and animal bones.

North wall to ditch section

North wall to ditch section

The excavation will continue to run every Sunday until the end of October and diggers of all levels of experience and ages are welcome. If you would like to get involved or come and see what we are doing please contact us.

by Steve Gibson