October 2006

Much of the time over the last month of the season was spent uncovering more of the structure of the back rooms and corridor of the villa in the extension to trench 7. However we have as yet been unable to establish the exact location of the back wall and it's relationship to a possible court yard indicated on a previous geophysics survey.

Amongst a wide variety of finds in the trench, including many animal bones and a coin we uncovered a large piece of pottery discovered by an 11 year old digger on his first excavation. It is probably a 3rd-4th century Oxfordshire pottery shallow bowl with red slip decoration.

3rd-4th century Oxfordshire pottery sherd

3rd-4th century Oxfordshire pottery sherd

We have backfilled the tessellated floor uncovered in September to protect it over the winter and are looking forward to next year when we will be able to reveal it's full extent.

The extension to trench 9 (ditch) is now complete but the chalk deposit on the edge of ditch, thought to be a drainage channel, now appears more likely to be a chalk filled round hole. A similar deposit has been found further along the edge of the ditch and so we will be investigating whether they are related next year.

washing jaw

Washing part of an animal's jaw

After an enjoyable and hard working season during which we had 62 diggers taking part at different times and many visitors, we are looking forward to analysing the finds in more detail over the winter and making plans for next year. Look out for a summary of this years excavation and some of the conclusions that have been drawn early next year. If you would like to get involved in the project please contact us.

by Steve Gibson