October 2007

The season has finished with a flourish, the enthusiasm and hard work by the diggersbeing rewarded with some spectacular finds.

Amongst the many finds uncovered in the stokeroom fill by some of SOAG's junior memberswas part of a spring padlock. The padlock is made of iron and although it is in poor condition it has enough featuresto enable us to identify it.

Spring Padlock

Spring Padlock

The following week a bronze bracelet was found in the same area. It is in good condition andis extensively decorated.

Bronze Bracelet

Close up view of bronze bracelet

After further excavation in trench 7 we now have a clear picture of the north wall and its alignment relative to the rest of the villa. There are significant differences along the length of the wall in terms of its structural make up and its width which has left us with more questions to answer.It is possible that a narrowing of the wall along part of its length is associated with an entrance to the villa.

North wall (view from west)

Excavating and recording the north wall (view from west)

Work in the rooms enclosed by the north wall has continued to produce a large volume of rubble, particularly roof tileand painted plaster. Amongst a deposit of tile was a complete tegula - a first for the site and quite a rare occurrenceon other sites.

Excavating a deposit of tiles

Excavating a deposit of tiles


Complete tegula

The excavation has now closed for 2007 but will re-open in May 2008 when we shall be investigating some of the questionsposed by the work this year.If you would like to get involved or have any questions about the excavation please contact us.

by Steve Gibson