June 2007

Despite a rainy June, work is now well under way in the trench 7 extension exploring more of the north side of the villa. More demolition rubble is being removed from the north corridor gradually revealing the floor level. The rubble deposit, though containing mainly mortar, tile and flint has also produced some interesting individual finds including part of an animal skull with horn attached. a coin and many sherds of pottery. The line of the exterior wall of the building on the north side is now becoming clearer together with the internal structure of this area of the villa.

Part of animal skull with horn attached

Part of animal skull with horn attached

A section has been cut across the north wall to the enclosure ditch to establish the relationship between the building, the enclosure ditch and the small area between them. This has so far confirmed the line of the wall and revealed a flint gravel path just outside the wall. There is also evidence of possible post holes near the ditch.

Section through area north of villa building

Section through area north of the villa building - north wall

The excavation is run by experienced archaeologists, and diggers of all levels of experience and ages are welcome, so if you would like to get involved please contact us.

by Steve Gibson