May 2007

May has been a relatively quiet month with a couple of Sundays lost due to bad weatherand time taken up with site cleaning after the winter. Despite this, towards the end of the month digging was well under way with some interesting areas being uncovered and plans being made for further work.

A large deposit of mainly broken roof tiles were uncovered at the edge of the extension to trench 7. This is part of the deposit uncovered last year (see June 2006 diary) under which was found an area of tessellated floor (see September 2006 diary). Once this deposit has been recorded and excavated the extent of the tesselated floor willbecome clearer.

Roof tile deposit

Excavating roof tile deposit - trench 7 extension

As has been typical in the past, areas of top soil excavated at the start of the season have revealed a range of finds covering the past 2000 years. These included a fragment of Roman roof tile with a nail hole, a sherd of medieval pottery, a piece of clay pipe stem and 20th century glass.

Selection of topsoil finds

Selection of finds from topsoil

The excavation is run by experienced archaeologists, and diggers of all levels of experience and ages are welcome, so if you would like to get involved please contact us.

by Steve Gibson