Wyfold Grange, South Oxfordshire

This SOAG project, aimed at unravelling the origins and development of Wyfold Grange in South Oxforshire, ran from 2021 - 2023. Its main objectives were:

* to try to establish, by excavation, the nature and extent of the earthwork enclosure and in particular any evidence for dating

* to carry out geophysical surveys in the open spaces of the site. A particular aim is to see if the medieval manor house can be located.

* to understand more about the pond and its potential water sources by core sampling (augering) and hydrological research.

* to understand the wider landscape around the Grange

* to establish archaeological walks around the site in order to bring information about the history of the area to members of SOAG and the wider public.


The results are published in a special edition of SOAG's journal:
SOAG Bulletin No. 75. (click the link to access the PDF version)

The component reports ars also separately available:
    Excavations of the Earthwork at Wyfold Grange, Oxfordshire
    Landscape Archaeology At Wyfold, Oxfordshire
    Post-Medieval Archaeology At Wyfold Grange, Oxfordshire
    Wyfold Grange, Oxfordshire An Archaeological Walk


Project Leader

Dave Carless


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