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SOAG Health and Safety policy

 The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires all employers, regardless of the size of the organisation, to have in place an effective risk based Health and Safety Policy. SOAG is an employer within the meaning of Health and Safety legislation.

SOAG recognises that all meetings of the Group and archaeological fieldwork should be undertaken in accordance with current Health and Safety legislation. SOAG accepts that both organising bodies and individual members/volunteers have a duty of care to those working for them, to each other, and to the general public.

SOAG specifically recognises its individual archaeologists’ responsibilities. An archaeologist undertaking fieldwork shall give due regard to the requirements of Health and Safety legislation relating to members/volunteers or to other persons potentially affected by his/her archaeological activities. Lead archaeologists must ensure that:

General and specific requirements will be further defined in Field Manuals and/or individual Project Designs.

SOAG will treat any complaint against a member regarding fulfilment of Health and Safety obligations very seriously and if necessary may expel such member under clause 5.8 of the SOAG Constitution.

Useful guidance is given in the following Health and Safety Executive publications:

Health and Safety Regulation…a short guide HSC13

Successful Health and Safety Management HSG65

Managing Health and Safety…Five steps to success:  INDG275