We are planning a return in 2018 for excavations on the probable site of the 17th century house. This will be a 10 day dig over two long weekends with a two day break in between. Dates are:

July 20 - 24 2018
July 27 - 31 2018

Our main research aim is to try to prove ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that the house that burnt down in 1662 was in the hollow, the ‘traditional’ location, as concluded earlier by English Heritage and by myself from both SOAG’s 2013 geophysics work and a critical appraisal of all earlier fieldwork. The excavation will involve first locating and reopening parts of Susanna Everett’s 1969 and Brian Dix’s 2009 trenches across the hollow and bank. This will provide known starting points and enable us to recover vital locational information missed or not fully recorded at the time. From that data we will pinpoint a number of locations for new trenches around the site. The work will focus on three main research areas: establishing an accurate ground plan for both terrace and house (including ‘annexe’), examining the relationship between house and terrace walls and investigating the construction of the basement level.

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Some useful links:


Ascott Park, Stadhampton, Oxfordshire: Analyticla Earthwork Survey of a 17th Century Park and Garden (Englsh Heritage)  (PDF)

Ascott Park Research Project – an overview and interim report’ in SOAG Bulletin No 68, 2014, pp28-33


Project Director

Ian Clarke