SOAG Goring Heath Landscape Study

The SOAG Goring Heath Landscape Study began in early 2020 in response to the Chilterns Conservation Board’s (National Lottery Heritage Fund funded) 'Beacons of the Past' Project.

The BotP project recently (2019) completed a high-resolution LiDAR survey of the AONB, and has as one of it purposes to kick start Citizen Science projects, using the Lidar maps as the starting point, and the provision of  initial local support.

This is a landscape-based, multi-period survey of the archaeology and history of Goring Heath Parish (selected because it is located in SOAG’s core area, still fairly open and fairly free from recent urbanisation, and at face value from the LiDAR images having a landscape shaped from pre-Roman to WW2).  The study includes:

The intended output of this part of the Study will be twofold:

Further phases of the study could include research into library and other archives that require physical examination, field excursions and field walking – and perhaps also leading on to more substantial fieldwork.

For more information about this project and if you are a SOAG member, to participate, contact:

Some external links

The section provides links to some of the resources available to SOAG participant in the Study

Chiltern AONB Beacons of the Past: Hillforts in the Chilterns Landscape website

Chilterns AONB Beacons of the Past LiDAR Portal

Some SOAG publications resources

The  Study is making use of SOAG's own online documentation archive. For a listing of what is currently available, go to:
SOAG publications for the Goring Heath Landscape Study team



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