Members Area


SOAG membership listing

The link below provides a listing of all current SOAG members. The details it contains are members names, phone numbers and email addresses. It is made available to facilitate communications between SOAG members that relate to SOAG and archaeology, i.e. activities consistent with SOAG's aims.

Users of this information are reminded that SOAG is bound by the Data Protection Act, and should be familiar with our code of practice in this matter, specifically:

1. member details obtained from this web location should not be communicated outside SOAG without the individual's permission.

2. mass mailings to email addresses in this listing must not be done without prior permission of an officer of the committee

And note that any abuse of the information provided here is potentially subject to SOAG's disciplinary procedure.

Listing of current SOAG members (pdf).

Active Fieldworkers Listing

The link below provides a listing of all the currently active fieldworkers in SOAG. The names on this list may be contacted by leaders of new SOAG field activities durign project planning. They will be provided with outline details of the new activity and be asked to specify their interest and apotential avilability. The obligation associated with being in this list is to reply to all such emails.

This list will be used for this purpose only and use is bound by the Data Protection act and SOAG's code of practice as defined above.

Current Active Fieldworkers List. (pdf) (latest version dated Jan 06 2014)

To use this list in emails Project Leaders can either

A. ask the SOAG seceratry, to create the draft email for them with the email address list n place or do it themselves, or

B. Do it themselves. There are tow approahces to this:

i) request a copy from the seceratary of the Excel membership database and sort and select the email addresses and cut ans paste them into the appropriate email, or

(ii) a .txt file has been created which ocmntains the email addresses from the Current Active Fieldworkers list (as above) in a comma-space separted text string. On the following link first right click and Save As to download the file to your computer. Then Open the file (probably in Notepad), Select All and copy and paste the complete text string into your email system.

Active Fieldwalkers email address list (.txt file) (latest version dated Jan 06 2014).